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A.W. Bauer & Co. offers bespoke tailoring of suits, coats,  shirts and more.

We make and finish each element by hand, unflaggingly adapted to your vision. Choosing bespoke over off-the-peg garments is to opt for exquisiteness. Made carefully after your body contour and preferences, the result of bespoke is a piece that stays sharp, unaffected by the changes in fashion and style.



To make an A.W. Bauer piece takes the first-time client a few visits. Guiding you carefully through each step of the way, we ensure that nothing but the best selections are made. During our first meeting, we select cloth and trimmings together, take your measurements and establish your preferred garment style. We will call you in for two to three more fittings.



Our master cutter takes your measurements. He takes note of your small bodily quirks and transfers his observations to a master cut made from robust cartridge paper. The master is the basis for cutting the cloth. We archive it for future orders.



Each element making up your piece requires a bespoke treatment.

At A.W.Bauer, our tailors specialize in the different areas of the craft - from trouser making, coat making to cutting. All our tailors have many years of experience in working in tandem to perfect bespoke pieces.


The A.W. Bauer expertise also extends to shirt making.

We offer you a vast range of options in terms of fabric, style and detailing. Whether you want a crisp business shirt or a flattering denim shirt, we are here to help you.

All our shirts are conceived, drafted and edited in our Stockholm atelier and cut, sewn and finished in Abruzzo, Italy.

To ensure exquisite quality and keep our environmental impact at a minimum, we only use fabric from certified weavers.


Please be aware that the cost of making a handmade garment very much depends on your individual choice of cloth, make and details. You should therefore only use the list below as a general guideline.

SUITS                                    4400 EUR

BLAZERS                               3200 EUR

TROUSERS                            1100 EUR

OVERCOATS                         4300 EUR


SHIRTS                                    280 EUR

SMOKING                             4500 EUR

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