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With a legacy spanning over 160 years of expertise, A.W. Bauer & Co. is entitled to innovate and deliver nothing but excellence with the most exclusive bespoke shirt-making service in Scandinavia.

Discover Stockholm's connoisseur gem.


Years of experience have refined our process to assist you curating the finest garments for your wardrobe.

Very much like the creation of any A.W. Bauer piece, making a shirt takes precision. A first-time client will be guided through each step of the way to ensure nothing but the best selections are made from the most exquisite fabrics within our catalog and our vast possibility of features.

Measurements and style, the first meeting covers all the ellaborated details.

Once your initial shirt has been processed, up to one month later, we encourage you to live normally in it and let it endure the normal life of a garment.
If necessary, a follow-up meeting will be scheduled to make any adjustements directly at the Atelier in order to guarantee your next shirts will always have the same perfected fit.


Years of partnership with our Master Cutters from Abruzzo, Italy, who uphold centuries of handcrafting heritage, certify nothing but the best of what's possible to achieve.
In fact, Italy stands as the last bastion in the world where the handcrafting tradition, resisting uses of machines, was preserved and passed down through generations within families and communities.
This practice reflects, for the makers, a genuine Art form where each garment becomes a canvas for their unique creativity and the most refined skills.



Our Italian tailors use a range of traditional techniques, including hand-stitching with up to 24 stitches per inch, canvas interlining, pattern matching, and other meticulous handmade connoisseur details such as misaligned seams for the armhole to create an exclusive garment for A.W. Bauer's discerning clientele that not only fits flawlessly but is also built to last.


Each clothing we create is meticulously envisioned, designed, and adjusted in Bauer’s Atelier to epitomize luxury, the way it has always been since 1863.

A.W. Bauer & Co. excels in this service like no one else in Scandinavia, truthfully ranking our garments among the finest bespoke shirts in the world. Trying it has meant embracing decades of timeless elegance for generations of our advised clientele.

Enter this sphere of excellence now by booking the creation of your own A.W. Bauer piece.

Frederik Andersen
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