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Bespoke Specialties

Atelier Process


To make an A.W. Bauer piece takes the first-time client a few visits. Guiding you carefully through each step of the way, we ensure that nothing but the best selections are made. During our first meeting, we select cloth and trimmings together, take your measurements and establish your preferred garment style. We will call you in for two to three more fittings.


Our master cutter takes your measurements. He takes note of your small bodily quirks and transfers his observations to a master cut made from robust cartridge paper. The master is the basis for cutting the cloth. We archive it for future orders.


Each element making up your piece requires a bespoke treatment.

At A.W.Bauer tailors specialize in the different areas of the craft . Trouser makers , Coat makers , Cutters ect. All with years of experience in perfecting bespoke pieces as a team.

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