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Closer to Life with Frederik Andersen

Updated: Mar 8

"Bauer is about embracing the present moment and living to the fullest. It's about getting closer to the essence of life itself."

A.W. Bauer's philosophy transcends mere clothing; it's about crafting garments that become intertwined with life itself. Each piece is designed not only to withstand the test of time and changes in fashion trends but also to elevate the moments they were meant for. Like a "near life experience", the clothes are supposed to perfect what's already special. Be "closer to life" to quote Frederik own words. Over the years, many Bauer's friends created such singular pieces for unique and defining moments in their lives. This new series of articles aims to capture the essence of these stories, preserve the secrets behind the garments' creation, and weave them into the fabric of reality they were meant for.

Whether it's a bespoke suit worn on a momentous occasion; a meticulously crafted shirt that becomes a trusted companion on life's journey or a technical piece, designed from scratch to serve a practical purpose, each garment from A.W. Bauer is more than just clothing; it's a testament of the meaningful moments we experience.

"Zillertal" Austrian Alps Mountains' Slopes
"Zillertal" Austrian Alps Mountains' Slopes
Picture the majestic white peaks of the Austrian Alps, standing boldly against the backdrop of a clear, crisp blue sky. The sun hangs in the air like a golden coin, casting its bleached glow over the landscape. A perfect setting for a day of skiing, if gears can follow...

The Conception

The creation of a piece often comes from a need more than a simple fantasy of the mind. It's born from those moments when you find yourself wishing things were different. In life, we often learn to accept what we cannot change, but with bespoke, the narrative takes a different turn. Here, we have the power to craft precisely what we need.

Designing a skiing jumpsuit is far more intricate than it appears. While finding a well-fitting pair of pants and a matching top in ready-to-wear can be challenging enough, the task becomes even more daunting when it involves creating a combinaison piece that covers you from neck to ankles.

And let's not forget the neon, flashy colors that are often more suited for children than adults.

"I created this piece out of the need. I didn't want to wear these too commonly seen ski suits, made of childish bright colors and featuring tons of unnecessary pockets. The aim was to take the garment down to what is actually needed. With a very practical use of it. I have been skiing for years so I know from experience exactly what I need as a skier."

Creation starts here!
"This piece is more technical than it seems. It needs to endure difficult conditions and to be practical. The only thing that should come to mind when wearing it is how convenient it was made."

A skiing suit needs to overcome many situations, quite extremes from one another. One tends to forget it is a garment meant to practice a sport which demands technical properties any other clothing usually doesn't require. Yet, striking the balance between comfort on the slopes and style at the chalet nearby is quite a tour de force.

Simultaneously with the design process, the choice of fabric and isolating lining comes into play. The properties of these materials often dictate certain contours and shapes in Frederik's mind.

"The fabric was not chosen only for its aesthetic delivery but for its properties too. I needed a soft shell that was wind and waterproof at the same time but yet breathable..."

"The difficulty was to combine and find harmony in between design and function. One can't dictate the other's direction too much, even though such a garment is function oriented first." Frederik also shared details behind the conception of the asymmetric zipper, a simple although quite aesthetic detail that required an actual meticulous precision. The concept idea was to add comfort by positioning the zipper on the side, avoiding direct contact with the mouth. However, the collar had to remain high enough and maintain its position to shield against the biting cold winds of the mountains, eliminating the need for additional layers and accessories like scarves.

Into the Wild

At this stage, the combinaison is still a prototyped embodiment from a vision in Frederik's mind. The fitting session is a moment filled with anticipation and wonder. It's the reveal of an invisible thought, still maybe just a dream turned into hope and finally about to become a reality.

The day comes to an end. Frederik waited patiently in the quiet solitude of a late Friday at the Atelier that the bustle of the day has faded away. The garment is put on where there's no mirors to spoile the result. A final attention to the side adjuster before stepping into the fitting room.

The grand miror faces him, revealing impecable lines of the garment he finised sewing just a few minutes ago. A discreet smile slowly graces Frederik's lips as he examises every hidden corners of his creation.

He knows the challenge was passed with success.

Meet A.W. Bauer's ski suit interpretation: "Avalanche"

The look bursts the screen first. It fits well and the flair, this extra Bauer touch of Scandinavian style is there. The piece is certainly practical, but it still looks sharp as a sleek pair of skis slicing through fresh snow on the slopes. As if the moment it was meant for is already encapsulated within its very fibers.

Now, it's time for Frederik to throw it to the trial by frost and fire, to see if reality syncs with his feeling of completion. There is no better judge than reality itself to, sometimes, reveal the necessary adjustments emotions might have blinded.

And what better set than the pale peaks of the Austrian mountains to put this garment to test?

A few days of rigorous wear should confirm the success or reveal any potential flaws.

Frederik relates his impressions:

"It exceeded my expectations! It reached the perfect balance between insulation and breathability. The thermo regulation was even higher than expected due to the great air flow the garment has. One could think isolation is only about layering but it's actually also about controlling the air flow. Air pockets are the best regulator and insulator at the same time."

A bespoke skiing suit allows the best fit and therefore these air pockets to exist while maintaining a great fit. Something regular ski suits usually fail to achieve, especially when too much non-breathable and plastic associated fabrics come into play.

Bauer's DNA

In the perfumery industry, designers' approach varies to create a new scent. Some venture into the avant-garde, aiming for newness and potential confusion. Others draw inspiration from memories, evoking objects, places and physical experiences. And then there are those who strives to encapsulate the invisible, an ethereal moment of life.

Bauer belongs to this realm.

While most bespoke ateliers aim to showcase their secular craftsmanship and reflect the wearer's personality (don't misread these lines, this is already the epitome of luxury we are discussing here!), Frederik goes beyond.  He designs garments with a deeper purpose in mind, considering the specific moment the piece is meant for, seeking to elevate it.

Echoing Picasso's wisdom—"Do not try to imitate nature, work like it"—Frederik endeavors to infuse his creations with soul, adding beauty to beauty, joy to a certain moment of existence

In lesser words, getting Closer to Life.


Frederik wearing "Avalanche" in the Austrian Alps
Frederik wearing "Avalanche" in the Austrian Alps

Get Closer to Life

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